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Pommrehn (Supalo)_Susan_ After an Evening Storm on the Shore of Cape Cod Bay_edited.jpg

Susan M Pommrehn


To convey an intuition, impression or feeling in a painting for others to view is what inspires me to make art.  It is also what motivated me to become a Civil Engineer: to be able to take an idea, form a design or plan, and ultimately see it built.  Creating something tangible from an idea which others can use or interpret is satisfying. 

I am inspired by that feeling you get after you spend time in nature.  Here is my attempt at capturing that feeling in an oil painting.  This portrait places the sitter among the springtime Bluebells in Southwest England.  

Susan M Pommrehn

Girl in White Dress.jpg


I am often told I am a portrait artist because I seem to easily get the likeness of a person quickly.  That may be true, but I most enjoy painting people in the context of place or event. 

Susan M Pommrehn


I feel that when we are at play, we are most ourselves.  We can engross ourselves in our our own world of ideas, actions, and feelings. 

Susan M Pommrehn

At play.jpg
Pommrehn_Susan_X_A Tudor Welcom.jpg

Susan M Pommrehn

Immerse in Culture

As the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Coordinator for the Hennepin County and Ramsey County, Minnesota Systemwide LRT Plan in my 20’s, I learned from taking public input over more than 80 public hearings how to shape the idea of bringing LRT to and through distinct neighborhoods and communities and seeing it through to implementation.  


In my 30’s I took my engineering experience to New England where I was the first licensed Professional Engineer ever hired by Barnstable County and where I was part of the transportation staff of the Cape Cod Commission (CCC).  Stewardship of an environmentally sensitive region of Massachusetts consistent with ensuring public safety for people and visitors afforded me a unique perspective as a staff member, and later as the Town of Sandwich representative on the Cape Cod Commission.   Both allowed me to immerse myself in the Cape’s culture and gave me a better understanding of its people and sense of place. 


The benefit of all travel is view broadening and that is what I did frequently in my 40’s and 50’s.  Further understanding people, place and culture was my goal, whether I traveled to the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia or to Edinburgh, Scotland.  Having lived in the Central, Eastern and Pacific timezones of the US, I found myself in my 50’s wanting to convey to others what I have learned which was solely of my understanding.  Standing in front of so much European and American Art, inspired me to hone my drawing and painting skills to better express something others may also want to see or remember.  Holding in my own hands a sketch by Michaelangelo while I was in the archives of the British Museum got me thinking of the importance of drawing ideas on paper or painting a picture for future interpretation.  


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Our Loved Ones Matter the Most

When we honor each other with images of our loved ones, our heart is filled with joy.  We savor every stage in life we share together when we capture an expression or a moment in time.

Pommrehn Susan -Portrait of Edward G Marshall .jpeg
Pommrehn Susan -Portrait of Edward G Marshall .jpeg

Susan M Pommrehn
is a Juried Artist with the Cape Cod Art Association in Oil, Charcoal, and Photography 


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